Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spirepoint's Course on Real Estate Joint Ventures

Spirepoint Properties' Paul Blacquiere, presented a course on Real Estate Joint Ventures "Attracting Investors to Finance all Your Deals". Paul presented an engaging talk on finding investors and setting up joint ventures between a deal finder (like myself) and an investor. Paul showed us how to make a presentation to an investor and to be prepared for common objections that investors are bound to make.

I found the presentation to be very well prepared, with very useful information, handouts to write notes on as well as an e-copy of the presentation as well as other extras to review at home. I had first met Paul and Joanne at the Ottawa Real Estate Investors of Ottawa (OREIO) meetings. As I was perusing the internet, trying to find out how to put together a joint venture, I found one of their courses focused exactly on that topic. I'm glad I went as it was the right information that I needed and uncannily at the right time. I had set up one with family but was ready to move to the next level. If I was just starting to invest in real estate, I would gladly take all of their courses.

Now I'm all set for putting together a real estate joint venture, thanks from the help of Spirepoint Properties ;)

Buying a residual income business

Buying a residual income business takes some very intentional planning. If you missed the presentation by Greg Kells on that very snowy day December, you'll never know what you missed! Thanks to Greg, we had a lively discussion about what kinds of businesses a person (who wants to make residual income) is looking for. Greg told the story about helping one of his friends, a highly educated person who had a job, to acquire franchises one by one and create cash flow.

I found it fascinating as the group huddled around Greg and fired off question after question as he was happily serving us coffee in his office lunchroom and to listen very carefully to his many years of wisdom and stories full of lessons.

Greg handed out some literature on Sunbelt Business Brokers and information on the right terms and conditions to use when purchasing a business. So when I'm ready to buy a business, I'll be in touch again with Greg to discuss the many aspects of buying a residual income business.