Friday, May 28, 2010

Monday June 7- The Inner Blueprint for Financial Success - Steve Lundy

How does your mind work and how do your thoughts create your financial reality? We are thrilled to have Steve Lundy as our next guest speaker, who will be taking us through how we create our own financial destiny right in our heads. This event will be happening on Monday, June 7th, at 7pm at Keller Williams Ottawa Realty, 610 Bronson. Please RSVP on the event details section on the right hand side of this page.

Here is a short teaser of what Steve will be talking about.

Your beliefs control your actions. What role paradigms play in your financial success and how changing yours can change your financial picture?

Acquiring wealth is a lawful process. If you work in harmony with the laws governing wealth generation financial freedom is guaranteed.

You need to change your thoughts around money. What you can do right now to build Your Blueprint for Financial Success.

Steve Lundy's Bio

Steve Lundy is an Author, Certified LifeSuccess Consultant and personal trainer and coach specializing in Human Potential in the personal and corporate arenas. Trained by and now partnered with Bob Proctor from “The Secret”, Steve has accumulated three decades of diverse personal and business experience managing and motivating people. His clients benefit from his unique ability to quickly identify obstacles and turn them into key success factors that align with Universal Laws that govern us all. He understands that everything you are seeking is already within you and with that awareness he is able to develop powerful action plans that get consistent repeatable results.

Steve’s background is in the technology industry where he held a senior position with one of the world’s largest Telecommunications Manufacturing companies leading global teams to huge success using the techniques he has learned and developed. Steve left his successful career to pursue his lifelong passion for personal development and founded Keys To The Universe as a vehicle to provide inspiration and education for people wanting to follow their passion.

Steve excels as a motivational speaker blending humour, personal stories, his knowledge of natural laws and an arsenal of practical tools to entertain and enlighten his audiences. Steve is currently authoring “Thoughts Attract – The Secret Power of Your Mind” due to be released later this year and his Keys To The Universe Newsletter is enjoyed around the world. Keys To The Universe offers a wide range of online programs and services, group presentations, one-on-one coaching and topic related courses on Goal Setting and Achieving, Success, Self Image, Money and Relationships.

Steve has been featured on television talk shows on numerous occasions and counts among his hundreds of clients, Canada Revenue Agency, Behavioural Council of Canada, Keller Williams, Royal LePage and Primerica.

For more information about Keys To The Universe services you can email or call Steve directly at 613-791-4458

Cash Flow Game Night!!!

A message from John Walsh...

I'm getting this one out a little early as I just know folks will ask
me if there will be a game on the long weekend.

To which I will say NO, the last Monday is on the 31st. That's a whole
week later!

Come one, come all to the greatest game of all!

Improve your financial IQ and get out of the rat race sooner and have
fun doing it.

We had a good turn out last month and people actually read my post and
brought food and drinks.
(apparently alcohol is allowed as it is considered a private
residence... not suggesting anything, but if you want to share a
victory with some like minded people there are options. :-)

See everyone on the 31st!

Enjoy the Victoria day holiday!

The most common question I get asked, "I've never played before. Can
new people come and play?"
My answer, "Of course! That's half the fun!"
Second most question asked, "Is there room?" Always.
COST $5/person (or food/beverages for the group, bring something
Our current location is 2650 Southvale Cr, near Walkley & Russel Rd.
Dial 99 to ring the party room in the basement of a condo high rise.
(go to the above link & type in the address 2650 Southvale, Ottawa,
7 PM Start time.
RSVP no later than May 30th via email.
My rule is if you spill something on the board, you've just bought
game ($US 350).
LOTS of room for LOTS of people to play. Any age (10-110) any level
Please remember to RSVP well before the game day (via email
preferred), as I need a list of names in order to let you in the
RSVP no later than May 30th via email.

Any questions? Give me a call on my cell phone 853-0929.

Thanks everyone.
John R. Walsh, B.Eng
Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance
Licence Number: M08000603
Mortgage Genius
Founder of O.R.E.I.O.
I'm never too busy for your referrals
613-237-7044 x148
888-474-0137 (toll free fax)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Steve Lundy - Monday June 7, 2010

Heads up for an upcoming event with Steve Lundy as our special guest speaker. This event will be happening Monday, June 7 at 7:00pm. Steve will be talking about where making money begins - in our heads. Don't mistake this as something trivial!!! More to come on Steve himself, his talk and the venue.