Friday, April 30, 2010

Professor Bruce M. Firestone's Presentation

It was a beautiful day, there were sunbathers on the university grounds, but there were a bunch of ambitious people who gathered to listen to Professor Bruce M. Firestone present "How to Start a Personal Business for Life". We are all so grateful that on that sunny Sunday that Professor Firestone agreed not only to present, but to share his presentation with everyone. The presentation is below for you to use and apply. The presentation was recorded and it will be posted at a later time.

I was talking about it with the group afterwards and we were talking about the best things that we got and among them was to 1) Buy low and sell high, 2) Have courage to do the things that the masses are not, 3) Don't take "no" for an answer, 4) Ottawa is ranked #431 out of 431 for city planning - take advantage of it! Feel free to leave your comments about the presentation and any questions you may have.

Professor Bruce M. Firestone Presentation "Personal Business For Life"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volunteers aboard!

Now that we've had a number of events and absolutely fabulous speakers that have planted money seeds in the brains of many, this club will be opening up its organization to some local talent!

If you have been encouraged or inspired to create your own cash streams and would like to give back, please consider helping out with the Ottawa Cash Club. At our next meeting with Professor Bruce M. Firestone, we will take a few minutes at the end to discuss the ways in which people could help out in a very easy way.