Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bob Proctor in Ottawa

Bob Proctor was here in Ottawa last Tuesday and it was an amazing event! Asokan and I went to the event with our 2 month old baby, Sivani.

There were a number of things we got out of Bob Proctor's speech in Ottawa - we were talking about it on the way home and I wanted to share with you all.

The first thing being that if you want to be successful, you have to change the way that you think. I know Asokan and I used to think it was that one special business or a special investment that makes you rich. But, we found out that it’s that special YOU that makes the difference. After taking so many Bob Proctor courses in Ottawa, it's finally really hit home. Working on ourselves has been incredibly profitable for us and for others who have taken the time to continuously learn and improve themselves.

The second thing is the power of guerrilla marketing. We were there officially for the Ottawa book launch of Peggy McColl for her new book "The Won Thing". Bob Proctor was there to endorse her book for free. Now why would Bob Proctor do that for free? Partly because Peggy McColl had already sent out the invitations listing him as the keynote speaker before he even agreed. Also, because he had an hour to teach and promote his own related products to a rapt audience. Now because Peggy McColl had used Bob Proctor as a keynote speaker, the place was jam-packed with excited people and she in turn sold more books and created more hype. It taught me a lot about cross-selling products and that you can offer more to your own customers by simply giving them free items of value. Free items of value that you can get from other businesses that are interested in providing a product or service to your customers.

I was very happy to go see Bob Proctor in Ottawa - for free!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ottawa Multiunit Investments

Ottawa multiunit investments are hot! Asokan and I have been looking like crazy for multiunits in Ottawa. We've been putting in offers on all properties that make sense, sometimes even before seeing them! Since it's one of the best times to invest, it's not just us that are looking. Multiunits (that have been correctly priced) have been going almost as soon as their listing is hot off the MLS press. This has been a little frustrating because we find ourselves in a multiple offer situation for all of the investment properties, but heck, it sure is fun to be in the game!

It's been interesting also to see what kind of people are looking at these multiunits. From what we've seen, they're savvy young people, sometimes with their contractor tagging along, sometimes even with their baby tagging along - and I'm not talking just about us!

If you want to be in the know, contact Asokan to find out how you can be prepared for Multiunit Investments in Ottawa. From all the traffic, it seems like we're not the only ones that know that this is a fantastic time, due to the low mortgage rates, to buy Ottawa multiunit investments.